“Walks are a nightmare”

Living with a dog is supposed to be relaxing and fun.  But what if your dog finds the world a challenge? What if walks are spent trying desperately to avoid other dogs – or people – because your dog barks and lunges on sight? When you live with a reactive dog, simple walks can be a nightmare and many of the things you’d like to share with your dog – days out, doggy sports, relaxing holidays – are filled with stress or out of the question altogether.  And to make things worse, other owners let their dogs run up to yours, then give you a mouthful when your dog reacts. Soon you find yourself tensing up when you see a dog or a person coming – you know it isn’t helping but it is hard to be relaxed when you know how your dog is going to behave.

“I know it is my fault but I just can’t help it”

You are embarrassed and feel a failure, especially when everyone tells you “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners”! People tell you you have to relax, that your tension makes your dog worse, and you know it is true, but you just can’t stop those feelings rising up when you see a dog approaching. it is one thing to know that you need to relax but quite another to actually do it.

Help for reactive owners

There are many great courses and techniques available to help you learn how to change your dog’s reactive behaviour – and this is of course vital. But if you yourself are tense and stressed, your training will be much less effective. And even with the best rehabilitation programme, this change will not happen overnight and you need to learn to enjoy your dog again – now!  This online course is designed to help you – the owner and handler – to become less reactive! It combines practical coaching techniques with effective methods from TTouch, within a safe, supportive online environment, to help you to help yourself so that you can help your dog. On this course you will:

  • Learn how to recognise the early signs of stress in yourself and your dog and stay below threshold.
  • Tackle the negative thinking and language that stops both you and your dog moving forward.
  • Learn to use TTouch to calm yourself and build your confidence in handling.
  • Use goals and rewards to change your own emotional response to challenging situations.
  • Learn practical ways to manage yourself, your dog, the environment and other people so that you can set yourself up to succeed in your training.
  • Think differently about the problem and gain a deeper awareness of yourself, your dog and the people you meet.
  • Develop a closer relationship with your dog as you learn how you can best help him or her.
  • Play training games and learn how to make the most of training opportunities on walks.
  • Learn what to look for in training techniques and trainers.

Who should take this course?

  • Owners of challenging dogs who want to learn how to keep calm and build their own confidence
  • Dog trainers and behaviourists working with owners of challenging dogs who want to learn more about how to build their client’s confidence
  • Dog rescue workers and volunteers who want to support adopters of challenging dogs to handle them with confidence
  • Dog walkers and pet professionals who care for challenging dogs

How do I book? 

For more information, feedback from previous students and to book please see https://www.canineconfidenceacademy.com/store/NMrZBLuh. The course starts on September 26th 2016 and early bird bookings are available until 16th September.